Greetings  my name is Kris Bartell and I am thrilled to welcome you to my new website and business venture.  Having done bedside nursing as a registered nurse at Doylestown Hospital for the past ten years, starting a dog walking and pet sitting business is a completely new and exciting path for me.  I love taking care of and helping people, but feel an even stronger passion in caring for and spending time with the animals that continue to play such an important role in my life.  Nursing has molded me into a compassionate, organized and responsible individual and it has also instilled in me a third sense for knowing when something is wrong, which can be very helpful when dealing with animals who can’t speak up for themselves.  The physical and emotional demands of full-time nursing can take a toll after years, and the result of much soul searching is that I have decided to take a huge leap and follow my dreams and desires by forming Let’s Go Fido!

 I have loved animals since I was little – you name it, I have cared for and fawned over it – toads, gerbils, snakes, hermit crabs, fish, parrots, rabbits, cats and dogs.  Much of my childhood was spent caring for and riding a much-loved and spoiled pony named Mocha. I have experience working with horses, goats, and sheep and I enjoy doing stalls and caring for my barnyard brethren on occasion – it mixes things up and keeps things interesting.  

I attended University of Colorado at Boulder and earned a bachelors degree in marketing, from there I worked for an ophthalmology company as a product manager.  I ultimately ended up going back to college and earned my R.N.  While exploring what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I kept asking myself what I enjoy doing and spending my energy on.  The answer was simple – I love my dogs fiercely and there is nothing I like better than getting them out for a nice long walk or splash in the creek.

 I have three border collies named Honky Tonk, Giddy-Up and Bronco Billy. I also have a rescued rat terrier mix named Chica.  My first two dogs were wonderful standard poodles – Amadeus and Alibar – they both had a wonderful sense of humor and introduced me to just how many activities there are to do with your dog.  My significant other, Jeff, has three dogs as well – two border collies named Snafu and Fray, and a spanish water dog named Tipo.  Our household is a bit doggy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! There is nothing we enjoy more than hanging out with our fur kids, hiking and swimming with them to keep them in shape, and continuing their training in multiple performance dog sports. You can bet we do a lot of walking, and we know all the best dog friendly parks, trails and swimming holes in the area. My border collies LOVE to do agility and both Jeff and I can be found competing in the top levels of AKC, USDAA and UKI. In addition, I have been taking flyball classes, and we dabble in dock diving, tracking, barn hunts and sheep herding as time permits.  My dogs love to have fun and demand regular activity to stay fit and healthy.

As a fellow dog-mom and the head of a rather large multi-pet household, I know the huge responsibility that goes into finding a reliable, experienced pet sitter that will treat your animals with respect and kindness.  In addition to having  ten years of nursing experience, I have also worked part-time as a veterinary technician at Rockhill Veterinary in Doylestown after college.  Sometimes personal experience can be the best instructor, and I have certainly experienced the gamut with my crew of critters – diabetes, bloat, addison’s disease, bowel blockages, thyroid disorders, orthopedic injuries and paralyzation, kidney failure – I have seen and dealt with it all.  I have experience giving subcutaneous fluids, glucose testing and giving insulin and other shots, oral meds, etc.  I am also certified by the Red Cross in Pet First Aid and CPR.

Whether you just need someone to swing by during the day to let your dogs out and play a game of Chuck-it with them – whether they need walks three days a week to get the crazies out – or whether you need someone to keep an eye on things while you are out of town for the week- you can count on me! I would love to meet you and your fur kids – please call me today to set up a complimentary meet- and-greet.